Friday, January 28, 2011


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's that time of year!

Family Traditions

Andrew and I have been waiting for the Holiday Season to roll around, because there is so much we can't wait to do as a family! Even though Micah may not remember his first Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas Day, we want to fill this time of the year with memorable moments that will last a lifetime. We want him to look back, when he gets older, and remember that there was something magical about the Holidays; An electricity in the air that filled his heart with joy! We want him to know that there is so much in this world to be thankful for and that life is not about presents, candy and things, but about family, love, and Jesus.

The Trader Joe's Pumpkin Patch was the perfect size for Micah this year! :) LOL!

We got a little crafty! On Halloween, we made a family wreath! Andrew and I did most of the work, he he, but Micah's touch makes it!

On November 1st Micah got his very own pumpkin!!!

With a little help from Daddy they pulled out all the seeds and...

We baked them! And because Micah is too little for Pumpkin Pie, we made him delicious Pumpkin Baby Food!

One thing that is great about November are all the fun crafts that are designed to make you think about what you're grateful for! With that in mind, we made a "We're Thankful For.." board! Everyday we write something down and then it's there, as a reminder, throughout the entire month!

xoxo t.